Look: A tour of the Ford Maverick’s astonishing 16 cupholders

It’s not just about the cupholders, but also the ingenious use of space.

Each door pocket of the Ford Maverick sports several spots for water bottles, including ones specifically made for Nalgene and Yeti flasks.

“Americans like individuality. They like customization.”

— Scott Anderson, Interior Design Manager at Ford

The door pockets can hold bottles standing vertically or horizontally. This bottle extends into a large hidden storage space.

In addition to the clever storage cubbies in the door, there are more traditional cupholders between the front seats.

But my favorite thing is this multi-purpose slot — it’s called the Ford Integrated Tether System or FITS — that can be used to mount 3D printed things like cupholders (pictured here), a trash can, or a hook to wrap a phone cord around.

10 cupholders just in the backseat, two in the fold-down armrest, three in each door, and two more on the back of the center console. Plus two in each front door and two more in the front console: 16 cupholders.

In addition to the 16 cupholders in the Maverick cab, there are an additional three on the tailgate, too.

Of course, it’s not likely that many folks need 16 cupholders, but it does show how hard Ford’s designers have worked to make the interior of the Maverick a storage-lovers paradise.

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