Ford Explorer Timberline might be the coolest SUV on the market

The murked-out lite SUV is a hell of a looker.

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Ford says the new Timberline is the most off-road-capable Explorer ever.

We think Ford will sell a ton, not because of how it drives...

... but because of how it looks.

And this thing looks awesome. More than a few people are going to jump at the Timberline just to get something a little different from the Jones.

From the sexy black wheels to the bright orange tow hooks, this SUV has sweet design touches all over.

The whole car is murdered out, including a black Ford oval on the front.

These lights integrated into the grille are optional ultra-brights for off-roading at night.

The interior has gorgeous orange accents and the new Timberline logo on the seats.
Whether you’re exploring trails or the whole foods parking lot ...
... the Explorer Timberline might be the coolest way to get there.

It hits Ford dealers this summer starting at $47,010.

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