Ford Bronco: When and where thrill-seekers can try this off-road beast

Buy a Ford Bronco and get a free ride at the roadeo.

The new Bronco is billed as an off-road beast and Ford is opening four “Off-Roadeo” schools across the United States to let buyers get behind the wheel of a Bronco ahead of the delivery of their new truck. Those deliveries are expected to begin this summer.

The first will open on June 28 outside of Austin, Texas.

Three more are expected later this year: one in Mt. Potosi, Nevada, another in Moab, Utah, and the final tied to an undisclosed location somewhere in the Northeast.

Bronco buyers will get a complimentary visit to their local location to spend a day or two learning the ins and outs of four-wheelin’.

The Bronco is aimed straight at the Jeep Wrangler, one of the top off-roaders on the market, and Ford is eager to demonstrate its off-road chops.

The Off-Roadeo experience will teach Bronco buyers everything from all-important trail etiquette to recovery techniques like how to use recovery straps, winches, and hi-lift jacks.

Bronco buyers won’t use their own vehicles (which means they won’t wreck their new trucks learning to off-roadeo) but will be loaned a Bronco similar to the one they’re buying.

Ford worked with champion off-roaders and experts in course design to curate the 50 miles of trails at the Austin location so there’s something for novices and experts alike.

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