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The all-electric Rivian R1T pickup looks like nothing else on the road

Here’s a tour of the gorgeous new truck.

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The R1T is a luxury off-road pickup — something that doesn’t really exist anywhere else in the industry.

It’s a four-door, five-seat truck with a short 54-inch bed aimed at outdoor adventures more than hardcore home improvement.


off-road Tires on 20" wheels

(they're an $1,800 option)

From the side, you wouldn’t even know this truck was electric. In off-road mode with the ride height increased to 13.1 inches, it looks like a normal off-roader.

Though it has a short bed, the R1T has terrific proportions. The cab sits almost perfectly in the middle of the truck, between its bed and frunk.

The most controversial part of the R1T is undoubtedly — and maybe surprisingly — its front headlights.

The vertical lights give the truck a bit of an optimistic, happy expression.

In person, the Rivian looks great from any angle.

But the interior is where this electric truck really shines.


Center touchscreen

The R1T’s interior looks like high-end mid-century modern furniture. Like if an Eames Chair and a pickup truck made a beautiful electric baby.

The interior trim pieces that look like wood? They’re actual ash wood. Both stained and natural finishes are available, depending on which interior you opt for.


speakers in the Rivian's Meridian audio system

The R1T has an environmentally-friendly, vegan “leather” interior. The front seats are heated and cooled.

The steering wheel is Tesla-esque, with unmarked buttons and scroll wheels to control a variety of vehicle functions. One of the scroll wheels is the only physical volume control in the car.

The R1T will hit the road soon. Production began in September and deliveries have already started.

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