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Nothing Ear Stick — in pictures

Nothing is back with a sequel to its Ear 1 buds, and the aesthetic is as splashy as ever.

Ray Wong / Inverse

Ray Wong / Inverse

When it comes to design, Nothing knows how to make a mark. The Ear Stick is a perfect example; even the box pops.

The box tears open to review a tubular carboard case.

Ray Wong / Inverse

Its lipstick-inspired charging case slides open to reveal both Ear Sticks, and has a satisfying click when fully twisted.

Ray Wong / Inverse

The case is easily the most noticeable shift from a design standpoint. Here’s the tubular lipstick case compared to the Ear 1’s rectangular puck.

Peep this pop of red.
Ray Wong / Inverse

Ray Wong / Inverse

The Ear Stick retains Nothing’s recognizable transparent design, allowing you to glimpse the circuitry inside.

Nothing Ear Stick

Size-wise the Ear Stick is similar to its predecessor, the Ear 1. The biggest technical difference is the Ear Stick’s lack of active noise-cancellation.


No noise cancellation means a fairly enticing price point, though.

Nothing’s Ear Stick was released on November 4 and are available in 40 countries, including the U.S., Canada, and the U.K.

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