This shape-shifting e-bike morphs into a high-powered snowmobile

You can switch from the off-roading tires to a snow track in about an hour with the Daymak Combat.

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Daymak / YouTube

Daymak’s latest hybrid e-bike really takes the term “all-terrain” seriously, allowing riders to swap between off-road wheels and snow tracks to match the conditions.

The Combat e-bike has been tested for the last three years in the Canadian wilderness, according to Aldo Baiocchi, president of Daymak.

From dirt to snow in an hour

It takes about an hour to convert the Combat from dirt bike tires to a snow tracks, which feels like a small price to pay for getting more use out of it.



Daymak put a 5,000W motor into the Combat, giving it a peak output of 14,000W. That means it can reach a top speed of 44 mph and has enough power to climb anything up to 35 degrees.


The Daymak Combat is powered by a 4,800Wh battery pack that gives you a 50-mile range on a single charge.

Founders Edition

Daymak is releasing the Combat in the Founders Edition first, which is limited to 100 units. Early buyers get to choose their edition number, but also get a complimentary jacket, backpack, and e-bike cover.


Daymak / YouTube

The Founders Edition Combat will go for $13,995, with the earliest deliveries expected for June 2023. Daymak is also doing a Deluxe version that will cost $14,999 and will start shipping in the fourth quarter of next year.

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