Look: 8 essential Xbox Series X games you need to play ASAP



Microsoft has done a superb job with its Xbox Series X|S system, focusing on Game Pass, accessibility, backward compatibility, and a releasing wide array of outstanding games.


Some games let you travel the world, while others send you on terrifying adventures. Not all are console exclusives — there are some multiplayer games we simply prefer on Xbox.


These are 8 essential Xbox Series X games you need to play ASAP


8. Resident Evil Village

Not only did Resident Evil Village introduce us to the “lovely” Lady Dimitrescu, it’s also one of 2021’s best games.


7. Forza Horizon 5

Forza Horizon 5 somehow makes racing accessible to nearly everyone, even for audiences who might not be into cars.


6. Gears 5

With a new protagonist and modern mechanics, Gears 5 was exactly the refresh the series needed at the time, and it’s still a blast today.


5. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

No biggie, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 only gives you access to the entire planet. It’s unbelievable this game exists.


4. Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves is the quintessential pirate game, with loot to find, krakens to defeat, and even an appearance from Captain Jack Sparrow.

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3. Tetris Effect: Connected

Playing Tetris Effect: Connected almost feels like meditation, putting you into a trance-like state as you experience its dazzling levels. This version features multiplayer, too!


2. Psychonauts 2

There’s a reason Psychonauts 2 was our favorite game this year. It’s funny, surprisingly heartfelt, and is tied together by thrilling action-platforming.


1. Halo Infinite

Of course, no Xbox Series X list is complete without Halo Infinite. This entry simultaneously goes back to its roots while introducing new ideas that keep things fresh.

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