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7 great games coming to Xbox Game Pass in March 2022

There’s a lot to look forward to on Game Pass this month.

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Square Enix


March 2022 is already a great month for Xbox Game Pass, with a fantastic superhero action game, an incredible narrative adventure, and more joining the lineup in the next few weeks.

Annapurna Interactive

Here are 7 great games coming to Xbox Game Pass in March 2022.

Frontier Developments

7. Far: Changing Tides

(March 1, Cloud/Console/PC)

Far: Changing Tides is an atmospheric puzzle platformer where you’ll upgrade and guide a unique ship through a post-apocalyptic, water-logged world. It hits Game Pass on its release date.

6. Microsoft Flight Simulator

(March 1, Cloud)

The latest in the long-running Microsoft Flight Simulator series was a massive hit when it launched in 2020. It’s already on Game Pass for console and PC, and now it’s joining the cloud.

5. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

(March 3, Console/PC)

One of the stranger parts of Final Fantasy canon, Lightning Returns is a sequel to Final Fantasy XIII-2 with an action-focused battle system and an in-game timer counting down to the end of the world.

Square Enix

Annapurna Interactive

4. Kentucky Route Zero

(March 10, Cloud/Console/PC)

The surreal narrative of Kentucky Route Zero is one of the best in gaming history. It’s a strange, slow journey through an underground highway that absolutely deserves a shot.

3. Lawn Mowing Simulator

(March 10, Xbox One)

Game Pass can’t get enough of Lawn Mowing Simulator. It’s added the game for different platforms multiple times, and now you can cut grass to your heart’s content on Xbox One.

Curve Games
2. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

(March 10, Cloud/Console/PC)

Square Enix said Guardians of the Galaxy didn’t meet its sales expectations and now the game is coming to a whole new audience. Its surprisingly excellent story reveals a different side of the Guardians.

Square Enix
1. Young Souls

(March 10, Cloud/Console/PC)

It may sound like a Souls-like, but Young Souls is actually an RPG-influenced 2D brawler. Deep character customization and co-op make this day one Game Pass release extremely replayable.

1P2P Studio

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