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7 more games coming to Xbox Game Pass in August 2021

There’s more to look forward to on Game Pass this month.

Xbox Game Pass has a packed August, with brand-new games like Twelve Minutes and Psychonauts 2 already on the schedule. Now there’s more to look forward to from new releases to old favorites.

Here are 7 more games coming to Xbox Game Pass in August 2021.


(August 17, Cloud)

Do you like Civilization, but want something even more immersive? Humankind lets you guide a nomadic tribe through the ages, combining elements of various real-world cultures as your civilization grows.

Need for Speed Heat

(August 17, PC)

Need for Speed Heat is one of the definite hits in this hit-or-miss racing series. Its Miami-inspired city switches between sanctioned races by day and underground street races by night.

Star Wars Battlefront II

(August 17, Cloud)

When Star Wars Battlefront II’s early players rebelled against its aggressive microtransactions, it would have been easy to write the game off. Years later, updates from across Star Wars canon have made it a surprisingly solid shooter.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

(August 17, Cloud)

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order was already on Game Pass, but it’s now in the cloud, surrounding us all, like the Force. Thanks to a Series X/S upgrade, the game looks better than ever, even if it does star the galaxy’s blandest Jedi.


(August 19, Cloud/Console/PC)

Like Tron and Reboot before it, Recompile brings the world inside a computer to life, largely via flashing neon and blocky text. Along with great-looking combat and Metroidvania exploration, you’ll be able to hack your surroundings.

Train Sim World 2

(August 19, Cloud/Console/PC)

There may be no better time to play Train Sim World 2 than the only point in human history when people have been nostalgic about their old morning commutes.


(August 26, Cloud/Console/PC)

Myst’s idiosyncratic puzzles and atmospheric world made it an obsession for a generation of ‘90s gamers. Now you can explore its infamous island in all its low-res glory on Game Pass.

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