5 remarkably realistic London locations in Watch Dogs: Legion

A legion of places.

Ubisoft's next monumental, open-world game — Watch Dogs: Legionis set to launch on October 29. The company released a trailer Tuesday night, teasing some of the upcoming title's near-future renditions of London.

Gamers will be able to roam through eight unique districts within London as they assemble a team of hackers, mercenaries, and activists to take on the city's dystopian surveillance state.

Here are 5 areas in Watch Dogs: Legion that are nearly identical to their real-life counterparts.

5. The Palace of Westminster as seen in 'Watch Dogs: Legion'
The other side of the real-life Palace. A lot less holograms but everything else is almost parallel.Shutterstock
4. Tower Bridge in 'Watch Dogs: Legion.'
Ubisoft basically replicated this iconic landmark.Shutterstock
3. Brixton Market in 'Watch Dogs: Legion'
This street market is best known of its African and Caribbean produce, which Ubisoft represented with flags virtual flags.
2. The Queen Victoria Memorial in 'Watch Dogs: Legion'
This monument is located in front of Buckingham Palace.
1. Southwark in 'Watch Dogs: Legion'
A modern office building in Southwark.Williams Lynch

Explore the rest of London in Watch Dogs: Legion when it's released on October 29.