PS5 Reveal: Top 5 Takeaways

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top 5 ps5 takeaways

#5 A Digital-Only PS

As digital downloads increase in popularity, a Digital-Only PS5 is welcome, especially if it's cheaper. However, given the growing size of game downloads and the 825 GB hard drive in the PS5, gamers might have to buy an external hard drive anyway. So what's the point?


The morning after...

#4 A Spider-Man let-down

Horizon: Forbidden West and Square Enix's new role-playing IP, Project Athia, were among the standout titles announced.

However, the next-morning revelation that Spider-Man: Miles Morales isn't a true sequel, but an expansion of the 2018 spidey game, was a bit of a letdown.


A wide spectrum...

#3 A wide spectrum of games

Sony revealed more than 20 games during the showcase that spanned a broad spectrum of genres: fantasy, adventure, platforming, and even dinosaur romance.


About that vertical design...

#2 A toddler will punch it over

While the design is sleek, one concern we have is that the console seemingly must stand upright, making it more challenging to fit into entertainment centers -- and far easier for a toddler to accidentally punch to the ground.


Just look at those graphics...

#5 Gorgeous visuals

Sony's presentation boasted gorgeous visuals that made a consistent, compelling case for next-gen hardware. That's a benchmark that Microsoft's Xbox 20/20 showcase in early May never quite managed to hit.

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