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6 excellent PlayStation Black Friday deals

These early PS discounts are worth paying attention to.

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The holiday shopping season is upon us, and that means a nonstop parade of paltry discounts on everything from video games to vacuum cleaners.

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To make your gift-buying easier...

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Here are 6 early PlayStation Black Friday deals worth your time — and money.

6. Spider-Man Miles Morales

$30 (was $50), Target (starts Nov. 21)

One of PlayStation’s best exclusives in years gets a nice $20 discount for Black Friday. Miles Morales is a good buy on PS4 or PS5.

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5. PlayStation Plus 1-year membership

$40 (was $60), Walmart (starts Nov. 22)

This is sort of the gaming equivalent of getting socks as a gift — it’s not exciting, but you’ll be glad you got it later. Free games, multiplayer, and access to more deals make this a great choice.

4. Razer Kraken X headset

$30 (was $50), Target (starts Nov. 21)

There are better gaming headsets out there, but only if you’re willing to spend a lot more money. This Razer headset has great sound quality and an equally impressive built-in mic.

3. WD BLACK 1 TB External Portable Solid State Drive

$200 (was $250) Best Buy

The WD Black P50 is probably the best external hard drive for the PS5 right now. Its biggest downside is its price, but you can snag it for $50 off in this deal.

Western Digital
2. Guardians of the Galaxy

$30 (was $60), Target (starts Nov. 21)

Guardians of the Galaxy turned out better than anyone seems to have expected, with a surprisingly great story to balance out its so-so combat. This recent hit is half off just a month after release.

Square Enix
1. Deathloop

$25 (was $60), Walmart (starts Nov. 22)

You’re probably not going to find a better discount on a game this Black Friday than the recently released, critically acclaimed, GOTY-nominated Deathloop for more than half off.

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