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5 names Nintendo could give its 2021 Switch update

Here are 5 possibilities.


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Reports of a Nintendo Switch update have resurfaced this August. Fans have been calling the system the “Switch Pro” since rumors emerged in 2019, but what will it really be called?


Bloomberg’s Takashi Mochizuki published a report Monday claiming an upgraded Switch with 4K support and improved computing power will launch in 2021. But in more than a year of reporting, Mochizuki has never called it the “Switch Pro.”

“Did you know? I have nerver used the "Switch Pro" word in my stories....”

Here are 5 possible names Nintendo could give its new Switch

5. Nintendo Switch (U)ltra

Looking back at the tragic Wii U, Nintendo could try to redeem 2012 console by slapping an “Ultra” or "U" tag on the Switch. While not impossible, anything that calls back to Nintendo’s worst-selling console seems farfetched.

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4. New Nintendo Switch

It would be absolutely laughable, but Nintendo has done it before. The 2014 follow-up to the Nintendo 3DS was just the “New Nintendo 3DS,” so a Switch upgrade might get the same treatment.

3. Nintendo Switch XL

Many fans used the name “Switch XL” in 2019 because unconfirmed rumors predicted a larger handheld screen. The 3DS and 2DS did both receive "XL" versions in the past. Mochizuki’s report doesn't mention a larger screen, but XL on a bigger console is a no-brainer.

2. Nintendo Switch Pro

Nintendo could call it the “Switch Pro” because that’s the most common parlance, but seeing as Sony already has a PlayStation 4 Pro, it would be unlike Nintendo to copy the naming convention of a competitor.

1. Super Nintendo Switch (SNS)

The sleeper hit and obvious highbrow-brilliant option that Nintendo needs to consider, Super Nintendo Switch would feel like a retro callback to the SNES, one of Nintendo’s most iconic consoles of all-time.


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