Everything Goes On

League of Legends Star Guardian concept art is an emotional trip

Star Guardian is back to make you feel everything.

Riot Games

Riot Games

In July, League of Legends brought fans back to the magical girl-inspired world of Star Guardian. The in-game event came with a gorgeous music video for Porter Robinson’s “Everything Goes On.”

Riot shared with Inverse some concept art showing how the incredible new video came together.

Here’s a look at the making of “Everything Goes On.”
Riot Games

Like any good magical girl squad, the Star Guardians have great accessories, highlighted here.

Here’s Kai’Sa’s Star Guardian gem, and the bracelet charm she trades for it.

This concept art shows Akali’s charm and Kai’Sa’s gem in the cutest way possible.

Riot Games

Trading her charm isn’t easy, since it ties Kai’Sa to Akali

... but it’s the only way to embrace her new friends.
Riot Games

Kai’Sa joining the Star Guardians kicks off a transformation sequence worthy of Sailor Moon.

Another staple of magical girl stories: EMOTIONS.

Riot Games

As this facial expression sheet shows, Kai’Sa goes through a lot in the video.

Xayah’s path to the Star Guardians isn’t any easier.

She’s chasing after Rakan in Star Guardian 2022, after the heartbreaking 2019 version.

This run cycle defines how Xayah moves. Every character’s run cycle is unique.

You can draw a straight line from some concept pieces to frames in the final video

Riot Games

— like Xayah reminiscing about Rakan in an empty classroom.

Star Guardian’s concept art is incredible all on on its own.

Riot Games

The video adds some intense emotion to the art’s beauty.

Kai’Sa leaves the mundane world for the Star Guardians in one stand-out piece.

Riot Games

It looks just as magical in motion.

“Everything Goes On” packs a lot of emotion, but leads to a triumphant end

Riot Games

Riot Games

... or at least a more hopeful one.

If you can’t wrap your head around the backstory, there are plenty of Star Guardian comics to fill you in.

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