Look: Halo Infinite Swarovski merch is ridiculous and awesome

Taking luxe gamer collectibles to the next level.

In that case, look no further than a new collaboration between Xbox and Swarovski.

The Mjolnir helmet is fashioned from a single crystal with 140 facets.

The Energy Sword is made up of 13 crystal pieces with 204 facets.

As a bombastic press release explains, “Swarovski and Halo embody the ideals of heroism and wonder – offering ever-present reminders of what self-discovery and imagination can do.”

Instead, they’re being offered through a sweepstakes on Swarovski’s website until December 15, or through a charity raffle hosted on StockX.com through December 13.

The entry form on Swarovski’s website includes a question about what other video games should be crystallized next, so if you want a Tom Nook figure worth more than your rent, you can make your voice heard there.