All 6 Game of the Year nominees as food

G4’s Adam Sessler has the scoop.

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G4TV’s Adam Sessler and Kevin Pereira recently sat down with Inverse to discuss the iconic gaming channel’s relaunch, giving us a chance to ask Sessler the question on everyone’s mind:


If the Game Awards 2021 Game of the Year nominees were foods, what would they be?

Psychonauts 2

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Sessler likens Psychonauts 2 to “mole or good ethnic food in Los Angeles[...]where there’s a ridiculous amount of flavor, but the presentation isn’t the most important aspect. Give it to me now!”

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

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Playing Ratchet & Clank is like “you went to a great restaurant where it’s presented beautifully on the plate and every flavor is ideally balanced.”

Resident Evil Village

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Resident Evil Village is German food. “It’s very tasty, it’s even less pretty than other foods, but you just tear it off the bone. We shoved seasoned meat into an intestine and you’re just ripping it off.”


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Deathloop “is so damn French. But it’s more like bistro food than nouvelle French food. I really like it, the way I like French onion soup. It’s stylish and it is its own thing.”

It Takes Two

It Takes Two is the game I’ve played the least. I would liken it to a Waldorf salad. I’ve had one bite of a Waldorf salad and I never want to taste a Waldorf salad ever again. I’m not saying it’s a bad game; I just haven’t played it.”

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Metroid Dread

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Cue evil laughter: “This game is jalapeno poppers at TGI Fridays. If you’re offering it to me, I’m like who do you think I am? TGI Fridays Jalapeno poppers and weak drinks. That’s how I feel about Metroid Dread.”

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