Kweh! Chocobo GP gives Mario Kart a Final Fantasy twist

On your marks, get set, kupo!

Ahead of Tokyo Game Show 2021, Square Enix has revealed new details about its upcoming Final Fantasy-inspired kart racer, Chocobo GP.

The developers behind the game say it’s more of a spiritual successor to 1999’s Chocobo Racing than a direct sequel.

“We wanted gamers around the world to play more with Chocobos, and we believed that creating a racing game would be a great way to achieve this, as it’s a globally popular genre,” says producer Hironori Okayama.

Here are 10 adorable images that show off the unique Final Fantasy locations and mechanics in Chocobo GP.

Zozo, the rain-spattered town full of liars from Final Fantasy VI, is one of the familiar locations reimagined for the kart racer.

Catching some sick air in Gold Saucer — what a vibe!

Touching one of the Magic Eggs scattered around the track will net you a piece of magicite, which invokes various magic effects that aid you in the race.

Collecting multiple magicite pieces of the same type will make your spells even more potent.

Steiner, the blustering knight from Final Fantasy IX, is one of the playable racers. Here, he’s tooling around Alexandria Castle from FF9.

Gilgamesh, an iconic Final Fantasy baddie, swerves past a blazing fireball.

“I have a strong emotional attachment to the character since we had completed his concept,” director Akihiko Maeda says of Gilgamesh. “I hope everyone will also pay close attention to the vehicle he's riding!”

Each racer has their own unique ability, which has a more powerful effect than magicite. These super moves can reverse your fortunes if timed correctly.

Vivi, the lovable Black Mage from FF9 releases a massive fireball in the streets of Alexandria. What would Garnet say?

Ramuh’s more than just a deity of thunder, he’s a force to be reckoned with on the track.

Ben the behemoth shows off his unique ability on the Gold Saucer track.

To see more of the game in action, be sure to tune in to the Tokyo Game Show Chocobo GP livestream.

It airs at midnight ET on Sunday, October 3.

Chocobo GP comes to Nintendo Switch in 2022.

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