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Apex Legends Season 13 pick rates reveal the 8 best characters

According to Apex Legends Status.

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Now that the dust has settled after Apex Legends Season 13, we’ve got a clearer idea of which characters are currently the most popular.

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To get a sense of the pick rate for this season, we utilized the help of Apex Legends Status, a site that tracks data within the game — including how often each Legend is chosen by players.

These are the 8 most popular Apex Legends characters in Season 13 thus far.

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8. Bangalore: 4.5%

Bangalore, aka Anita Williams, is an offensive Legend who utilizes strategic abilities to come out on top.

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7. Horizon: 5.8%

First released during Season 7, Horizon focuses on manipulating gravity to control the battlefiend.

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6. Newcastle: 6.1%

The newest Legend is Newcastle, a defensive character meant to protect his fellow teammates. His popularity surged to number 3 after the launch of Season 13 before stabilizing.

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5. Pathfinder: 7.9%

Pathfinder is a droid that leans into recon, with an ability that allows it to survey the area to see the next ring but also a zipline the whole squad can use.

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4. Bloodhound: 8.9%

One of the fastest Legends, Bloodhound is an in-your-face fighter who feels like a hunter stalking its prey.

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3. Valkyrie: 9.5%

Valkyrie was first added during Season 9 and quickly became a fan-favorite thanks to her recon abilities and emphasis on flying with a jetpack.

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2. Octane: 10.5%

Octane is an aggressive Legend who can heal over time and inject himself to run faster, and though he dashed into the number 1 spot for much of Season 12, he’s back to second place.

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1. Wraith: 10.8%

The most-picked Legend is still Wraith, probably because she can rip through the fabric of spacetime to essentially teleport her whole squad.

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