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These Adidas fitness headphones can do everything

The fitness-forward RPT-01 Bluetooth headphones maintain high-quality sound.

The Adidas RPT-01s are a versatile and snug-fitting pair of stylish over-ear headphones, but they're a jack-of-all-trades, master of none product.

If your biggest priority is high-quality sound while exercising, however, then they're sublime.

They'll stay snug on your head during activities like basketball, but can hurt a bit over lengthy periods.

The lightweight frame is durable and bendy without ever feeling breakable.

If you want over-ear headphones for working out, this is one of the best pairs imaginable.

The IPX4-rated design is sweat-proof and water-resistant. The mesh ear cups and headband insert are washable.

So you never have to worry about sweating too much on your expensive headphones.

The Adidas Headphones app has multiple equalizer options, and lets you customize the action button to start a specific Spotify playlist or use other apps.

Even taking a phone call mid-workout is simple

The control knob lets you skip or replay a track, or even adjust the volume. That's the biggest draw for anyone who wants an easy way to adjust music on the fly.

Despite being a bit tight, the RPT-01s are almost ideal for all-day use when it comes to exercise, music, and calls on your phone. But what about gaming?

Game consoles can't connect to Bluetooth headphones, so you'd need a Bluetooth adaptor like the AirFly Pro. Then, they become a decent wireless gaming headset.

What's the catch?

Swapping between devices can be cumbersome, and the RPT-01s might get comfortable when used for extended periods of time. If comfort is a top concern, you may want to stick to in-ear.

Final Verdict

You can't beat the RPT-01's when it comes to style and substance for working out. Buy them for $169.99 from Adidas.

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