Tick Tock...

Look: 12 incredible photos from the new Stranger Things Season 4 trailer

Netflix just dropped a new teaser for the sci-fi series and it looks pretty spooky.

1. The new trailer takes place at a scary new location, the Creel House.
2. We see the Creel family move into the house in what looks like the 1950s.
3. But something is wrong with the house.
4. The daughter finds a dead rabbit in the front yard.
5. The Creel family’s story seemingly ends in tragedy.
6. In Stranger Things’ present day, the Creel house is spooky and abandoned.
7. Until someone breaks in...
8. The gang explores the Creel House, including Dustin and Steve.
9. Harrington is back in action.
10. So are Sadie, Caleb, Nancy, and more.
11. Finally, a creep clock.
12. Tick tock...

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