It's Hammer Time!

An angry janitor saves the future in this new sci-fi miniseries

Marvin Mosely is a man with a mission and a mighty hammer to tackle the Tech Gods

Remember your mild-mannered high school janitor who offered sage advice or a corny joke? Well, Boom! Studios’ hammer-swinging janitor of the future is nothing like that!

Boom! Studios

With an imposing physique and a super-sized hammer to smash his Tech God adversaries, Marvin Mosely stars in an upcoming sci-fi miniseries simply titled, Mosely.Boom! Studios
This five-issue limited series arrives from the twisted minds of Farmhand creator and co-creator of Chew, Rob Guillory, well-known illustrator Sam Lotfi (Harley Quinn), colorist Jean-Francois Beaulieu (I Hate Fairyland), and letterer Andrew Thomas.Boom! Studios
Marvin Mosely is a hardened middle-aged janitor who’s recruited for a mission to crush the titans of AI technology that have entranced and subjugated humanity of the late 21st century.Boom! Studios
Will Mosely’s humongous Holy Hammer become the right tool to assassinate the world’s artificial intelligence overlords and free Mankind’s minds before he returns to his wife and child?Boom! Studios
“I pictured Mosely as the summer action blockbuster I’ve always wanted to write,” says Guillory in a Boom! press release. “But when I put pen to paper, Marvin Mosely had bigger plans. Turns out Mose was such a huge character that this story had to grow to epic proportions just to contain him. He’s maybe the most unlikely savior of the world in comics today.”Boom! Studios
“I’m thrilled to be telling this story with Rob,” Lotfi adds in a Boom! statement. “It’s always a joy to create characters and a world from the ground up and even more fun to watch those characters collide! I found myself making sound effects out loud while drawing this book, that’s how fun the world of Mosely is!”Boom! Studios

Mosely #1 busts its way into comic shops on January 4, 2023 with variant covers by Rob Guillory, and artists Joe Palmer (Time Before Time), Mike Huddleston (Decorum), and Jorge Corona (Batgirls) with Sarah Stern.

Boom! Studios