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Matrix 4: 19 stunning photos from the first full trailer

He knows kung fu...

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Neo is back! The first full trailer for The Matrix Resurrections is an explosive spectacle. Let's break it down.

19. Doogie Howser?

The trailer opens on Neo in therapy with a doctor played by Neil Patrick Harris.

18. Neo is seeing things

He’s seeing the Matrix, but he doesn’t understand it... yet.

17. Sad Keanu

Get ready for a lot more of this...

16. Sad Keanu with duck


15. Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss)

But then, he meets a woman and everything changes.

14. A strange connection

Neo and Trinity don’t recognize each other at first, but there’s a clear connection.

13. The blue pill

Neo’s doctor has been prescribing him blue pills, but he’s had enough.

12. Wake up!

Neo starts to notice that something is wrong with the world...

11. Follow the White Rabbit

Some things never change...

10. Wait, what?!

Neo looks in a mirror and sees something... weird.

9. The red pill

Morpheus returns, but he looks different.

8. The real world

After taking the red pill, Neo sees the real world, where robots still farm humans as a power source.

7. Morpheus unleashed

Here’s where the Matrix 4 trailer really amps up.

6. Neo vs. the police

Keanu takes on an army of soldiers.

5. Lobby redux?

This scene looks like a play on the famous lobby shootout in the original The Matrix.

4. Subway showdown

And this (blurry) shot looks like a fresh version of Neo and Agent Smith’s original fight on a subway platform.

3. Boom!

Neo uses his powers to redirect a missile and blow up a nearby helicopter.

2. Beginning to believe...

Neo and Trinity take a leap of faith.

1. Groff

Jonathan Groff (Mindhunter) appears to play an Architect-style role in Matrix 4.

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