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The Mandalorian concept art shows a change to Baby Yoda

Take a peek at the art that inspired Chapter 11, "The Heiress."


The Mandalorian Chapter 11 saw Mando get caught up in a space piracy adventure with fellow Mandalorian Bo Katan Kryze.


Here are 11 images that show exactly how "The Heiress" came to be, including one Baby Yoda moment that sadly didn't make it into the episode.

A spider-damaged Razor Crest comes in for a bumpy landing onto the water planet of Trask.Lucasfilm/Art by Ryan Church

Bo Katan's owl motif on her helmet is remnant from her time leading The Nite Owls on Mandalore.

Lucasfilm/Art by Brian Matyas

This very preliminary concept art shows a prototype of Mando's armor as he stands in what looks like a sinking Razor Crest.

Lucasfilm/Art by Ryan Church

Looks like in concept art, Baby Yoda's squid chowder snack was a lot more friendly.

Lucasfilm/Art by Christian Alzmann

The dark, industrous mood of the docks of Trask. Hang on, is that a space whale?Lucasfilm/Art by Ryan Church

Stormtroopers stand guard in the Empire cargo ship, unaware they're about to have a visit from some Mandalorian pirates.

Lucasfilm/Art by Ryan Church.

Take a closer look at the Quarren fishing boat where Baby Yoda was (thankfully briefly) swallowed by a treacherous mamacore.

Lucasfilm/Art by Christian Alzmann

That terrifying moment is shown in even more clarity here. Thank God Bo-Katan and her crew were able to save the day — and The Child.Lucasfilm/Art by Christian Alzmann

The Trask harbor blends nautical rigging with sci-fi technology to make a visually impressive galactic dockyard.

Lucasfilm/Art by Ryan Church

The Mandalorian pirates first ambush the cargo ship from the outside, kicking off a midair firefight.Lucasfilm/Art by Christian Alzmann

While Mando was off on his adventure, Baby Yoda was with the Frog People and got to meet someone even more Baby than him — this little tadpole.

Lucasfilm/Art by Christian Alzmann