This is the way

The Mandalorian concept art shows a change to Baby Yoda

Take a peek at the art that inspired Chapter 11, "The Heiress."



A spider-damaged Razor Crest comes in for a bumpy landing onto the water planet of Trask.Lucasfilm/Art by Ryan Church
The dark, industrous mood of the docks of Trask. Hang on, is that a space whale?Lucasfilm/Art by Ryan Church

Take a closer look at the Quarren fishing boat where Baby Yoda was (thankfully briefly) swallowed by a treacherous mamacore.

Lucasfilm/Art by Christian Alzmann

That terrifying moment is shown in even more clarity here. Thank God Bo-Katan and her crew were able to save the day — and The Child.Lucasfilm/Art by Christian Alzmann
The Mandalorian pirates first ambush the cargo ship from the outside, kicking off a midair firefight.Lucasfilm/Art by Christian Alzmann