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Mandalorian concept art reveals a deleted Cara Dune scene

An epic stormtrooper confrontation got left on the cutting room floor.

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"The Believer," Chapter 15 of The Mandalorian, saw Mando reuniting with old friends and compromising the rules of the Mandalorian Way.

Though he wasn't in his familiar beskar armor, he still has some epic action scenes against stormtroopers and pirates. But there was almost even more action.

Here are 11 concept art images for The Mandalorian Chapter 15.

And some of the plot changes they reveal...

Lucasfilm/Art by Erik Tiemens

The episode opens with Migs Mayfeld's release from his sentence at a scrap yard labor camp, shown here as a deserted and dusty wasteland.

The Imperial transports used to transport the rhydonium remained essentially unchanged from this incredibly detailed concept art.

Lucasfilm/Art by Ben Last

Lucasfilm/Art by Brian Matyas

Instead of the attack from above seen in the show, it looks like originally Mando and Migs were meant to hijack the transport the old-fashioned way.

The original lush terrain of Morak even included a waterfall.

Lucasfilm/Art by Ben Last

This image gives a new perspective to the pirate-induced rhydonium explosions.

Lucasfilm/Art by Christian Alzmann

Lucasfilm/Art by Ryan Church

It looks like the pirates were originally meant to be human, not the nameless aliens we see on screen.

Lucasfilm/Art by Brian Matyas

Even without his beskar armor, Mando still holds his own against the oncoming pirates — at least til TIE fighters arrive.

Lucasfilm/Art by Anton Grandert

This closeup of the Imperial base shows the vast scale — there's even a landing pad.

Lucasfilm/Art by Brian Matyas

While Fennec Shand and Cara Dune remain purely snipers in the final show, they were originally meant to get truly in the thick of it against stormtroopers.

Lucasfilm/Art by Brian Matyas

It looks like Mando is back in his beskar get-up, meaning he's either the master of the quick-change or was originally picked up by the Slave I way before Migs.

Lucasfilm/Art by Brian Matyas

The episode ended with a haunting message from Mando to Moff Gideon, providing an enticing transition in what's sure to be a climactic Season 2 finale next week.

Rick Kern/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

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