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HBO Max best sci-fi shows and movies: 5 thrilling double features

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Frequently Asked Questions about Time Travel and Inside No. 9

FAQ About Time Travel takes everything that bothers you about time travel movies and riffs on it with some wild consequences without ever leaving the pub. Its claustrophobic parody tone makes it the perfect match for…

Inside No. 9. This british anthology parodies all sorts of genres, all jam-packed with jokes, drama, and a horrific twist ending. Each episode is more ambitious than the last, and somehow they pull it off.

Wonder Woman and Halfworlds

It’s hard to talk about HBO Max and not mention the DC Universe, and Wonder Woman combines everything that makes the franchise great with a dollop of female-led action and mythology. It’s a perfect watch with…

Halfworlds. HBO Asia’s take on a mythology-centered female-led drama focuses around Indonesia in its first season and Thailand in the second, so you can balance out the Greek mythology with something a bit less well known.

Time Bandits and Zapped

This Monty Python-esque family film directed by Terry Gilliam is a classic epic of a young boy who discovers a portal to a new world and must navigate his way home with a group of misfits. If you want to follow that with something more grown up, try…

Zapped . It's Time Bandits grown up. This series follows a temp worker who gets lost in a strange world called Munty. While the two works have similar premises, rest assured this one takes things a bit more vulgar than a PG rated family film.

Blithe Spirit and Ghosts

Blilthe Spirit (1945) may look dated, but its ghostly humor and double entendres are utterly timeless. It follows a man and his second wife as they deal with the ghost of his first wife, a ghost that’s visible only to him.

Ghosts expands on the same premise, instead using a modern young couple inheriting a haunted mansion, when a bump on the head causes the young heiress to see and hear them. Hilarious sitcom hijinks ensue.

Fahrenheit 451 and Lovecraft Country

Fahrenheit 451 is a HBO Original film that adapts Ray Bradbury’s hit dystopian novel for a new generation. It’s everything HBO does best, adaptation, worldbuilding, and an all star cast, all rolled into one. A newer TV example would be…

HBO’s latest smash hit is this new series that looks to the past instead of the future. Loosely based on the works of H.P. Lovecraft, Lovecraft Country combines a rich period setting with some majorly unsettling supernatural elements.

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