So be it...Jedi

Who was Emperor Palpatine?

1,200 Inverse readers weigh in.

Who's the best version of Sheev Palpatine? It was a close one, but 37.7% said Return of the Jedi.

Illustrations by JoAnna Wendel

Which Jedi is Emperor Palpatine afraid of? 45% said Yoda.

What was Sheev Palpatine like as a teenager? 70% said he was "obsessed with the Dark side and kind of a jerk.”

How did Emperor Palpatine come back in The Rise of Skywalker? 47% said he transferred his consciousness into a clone.

What was Palpatine's plan in The Rise of Skywalker? 59% said: To have Rey kill him and become Empress Palpatine.

Does Rey have a grandma? 51% said yes, and she's someone we've never met before.

Is Sheev really dead? 59% said yes, he's really, 100% dead this time.

Who the heck are the Sith Eternal? 55% said they're a secret order created by Palpatine during the original trilogy.

Who was Snoke? It was a close one, but 31% said Snoke was a clone of Palpatine.

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