Look: 12 incredible new Marvel shows coming to Disney+

Marvel just revealed a ton of new live-action and animated series currently in development. Let’s take a closer look.

12. She-Hulk

This title card screams legal drama, but we know Jennifer Walters is also here to kick butt.

11. Secret Invasion

The Nick Fury-focused show will lean heavily on Marvel’s alien characters: the Skrulls.

10. Marvel Zombies

The best episode of What If is getting an animated spinoff. Hopefully, they bring back zombie Captain America.

9. I am Groot

The best member of the Guardians of the Galaxy gets his own animated spinoff.

8. Moon Knight

Oscar Isaac stars in this live-action series, which may or may not feature Ethan Hawke as its main villain and a cameo from Mahershela Ali’s Blade.

7. Agatha: House of Harkness

Everyone’s favorite Marvel witch is back. Kathryn Hahn returns after her incredible performance in WandaVision.

6. Iron Heart

Tony Stark’s replacement has arrived in the form of Riri Williams.

5. Spider-Man: Freshman Year

This animated series will put Peter Parker back where he belongs, in high school.

4. X-Men ‘97

A new animated series inspired by the classic X-Men cartoon? Count us in!

3. Echo

This Hawkeye spinoff is already in the works.

2. What if Season 2

The multiversal anthology returns...

1. Ms. Marvel

We can’t wait to welcome Kamala Khan to the MCU.

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