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Excelsior! LEGO reveals incredible new Spider-Man Daily Bugle set

Take our money!

LEGO just announced a massive new set: a replica of the iconic Daily Bugle building from Spider-Man.

It contains 3,770 pieces and stands at just over 2.5 feet tall, making it LEGO’s tallest Marvel set.

There are 25 mini-figurines included, with characters like J. Jonah Jameson, Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus in the pack.

Here’s a look inside the building...

Nice wall art, Peter Parker. (And nice meme reference, LEGO.)


It features four stories total and lots of room for friends and foes alike.


And, of course, lots of office space to store those pictures of Spiderman.


The set will cost $299.99 and is available to buy starting June 1 for the general public — though LEGO only recommends the Daily Bugle for adults 18-and-up due to its complex assembly.

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