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Look: 12 incredible pictures from the Book of Boba Fett trailer

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The next chapter in the Mandalorian saga is almost here. Lucasfilm just dropped the first trailer for Book of Boba Fett. Let’s take a closer look.

12. Jabba’s spider

We open on shot of the robot spider from Jabba’s Palace. Is this also a reference to the ice spider episode of Mandalorian Season 2?

11. Boba Fett

He’s back!

10. Tatooine?

We see a lot of images of a sprawling desert city. Is this Tatooine or some other new location?

9. Jabba’s lackey

Whoever this guy is, we’re pretty sure he’s totally screwed.

8. Desert power

Again, we’re not sure where this is, but if we’re looking at Tatooine that’s pretty amazing.

7. Meeting time

A large chunk of the trailer takes place at a meeting between Boba and the various rules of Tatooine’s criminal underworld.

6. The new boss

Here’s Boba, flanked by “Burly” guards.

5. Slave One

Technically, Lucasfilm renamed this ship, but it’s still Slave One to us. (Sorry for potato quality here. Blame the trailer, not us.)

4. Tusken Raiders

It wouldn’t be Star Wars without a couple of Tuskens, right?

3. Twileks

Is this a clue that Ahsoka will show up in Book of Boba Fett?

2. A new enemy?

We’re not sure who this guy is, but we have a feeling it won’t matter once Boba Fett kills him in Episode 1.

  • Shield fighting?
  • Fennec Shand takes on a group of enemy soldiers wielding some cool new holographic shields.

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