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5 thrilling sci-fi movies leaving Hulu this month

"It's like looking in a mirror."

The sci-fi movies leaving Hulu at the end of February range from over-the-top action to political parable. It's a short month, so watch these while you can!

Here are the five best sci-fi movies leaving Hulu on February 28, 2021.

5. Sunshine (2007)

A crew of astronauts tempts fate by flying a ship called Icarus on a mission to reignite the Sun in this space thriller from director Danny Boyle and writer Alex Garland.

4. Universal Soldier (1992)

A secret project turns soldiers killed in action into living weapons in this Jean Claude Van Damme schlock classic.

3. District 9 (2009)

While it gets no points for subtlety, Neil Blomkamp's Hollywood debut is an original mix of shocking violence and political allegory.

2. The Dead Zone (1983)

Adapted from a Stephen King novel, David Cronenberg's The Dead Zone follows a man who gets psychic abilities after an accident.

1. Face/Off (1997)

John Travolta and Nicolas Cage switch faces and try to out-act each other for two hours. What more could you ask from a movie?

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