These 10 tik tok accounts will dazzle you with science


Creators who can teach you about cool animals, astronomy, or math

Jaida Elcock (@jaidaelcock), shows “how beautiful the animal kingdom can be,” she tells Inverse.

@Onlinekyne "teaches audiences about the beauty of math and the importance of scientific literacy, with a little guts and lots of glitter," she tells Inverse.

Kirsten Banks (@astrokirsten) shares “excitement about all things space and astronomy,” she tells Inverse.

Zoos and Museums

Follow @OregonZoo or @SanDiegoZoo for behind-the-scenes animal shenanigans.

@GlasgowScienceCenter shows off cool science experiments.

The Carnegie Museum of Natural History (@carnegiemnh) features mollusk curator Tim Pearce, who will charm you with snail jokes.

If you're a scientist and need someone to relate to

Darrion Nguyen (@lab_shenanigans) lip-syncs and acts to pop culture audios to teach biochemistry, he tells Inverse.

Hailey (@ChaoticallyScience) is a lab researcher and grad student who "brings a fun aspect to topics in science," she tells Inverse.

Chelsea Parlett (@chelseaparlettpelleriti) tells nerdy jokes about statistics and data science to make scientists and newcomers laugh, she tells Inverse.

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