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6 bugs more metal than the "murder hornet"

Oh, you're afraid of the "murder hornet"? It's time to expand your horizons.

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By now you've heard of the Asian giant hornet, aka the "murder hornet."

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But the Asian giant hornet is a dweeb compared to 6 other insects.

Meet the bugs that hunt humans, devour entire farms, and fly fast.

1. Hyalomma Tick
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Instead of waiting for a host to brush by like most ticks, the Hyalomma tick actually senses and hunts its prey.

The tick can also carry an Ebola-like disease called Crimean–Congo hemorrhagic fever.

Tap to see it on the prowl. >>

2. Goliath Birdeater

This giant tarantula — the world's largest spider — lives in South America.

It eats worms, amphibians, rodents, lizards, snakes — and the occasional bird.

Okay, maybe not that big.

But you don't want to mess with the territorial goliath birdeater.

They rub their legs together to create a hissing sound, warning other animals. After that, it's game on.

3. Bulldog Ant
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Bulldog ants are incredibly aggressive.

They sting and bite (with venom) at the same time. They can kill an adult human within 15 minutes.

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4. Desert Locust
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A swarm of desert locusts — a type of grasshopper — can annihilate 20,000 tons of grains & vegetation in one day.

Swarms form massive towers that stretch to 5,000 feet high.

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Here is a swarm in Kenya.

5. Killer Bees

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Killer bees will chase a human for a quarter-mile

These aggressive honeybees attack in swarms and sting repetitively. They've killed more than 1,000 people in Brazil alone.

Here are killer bees swarming in the Amazon rainforest.

6. Dragonflies

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Sure, killer bees and locusts are more metal than a "murder hornet." But a dragonfly?

You're wrong to doubt them. These insects are the fastest in the world.

Dragonflies can fly up to 35 miles per hour. Usain Bolt, the world's fastest human, tops out around 27mph.

Even a hungry frog doesn't got the jumps.

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