Sharing a house with these 5 bugs changes your home in unexpectant ways

These bugs do more than buzz.

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Creatures like spiders, flies, and Cimex lectularius can do more than just bug you when they get indoors.

They can transform your home in a number of ways, ranging from changing the air quality of a house to altering its microbiome.

Bed Bugs


Every renter's worst nightmare, bed bugs can give a nasty bite.

The critters also modify your home's microbiome. They change the bacteria and microbes associate with dust, which can affect a home's air quality.


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More than just a nuisance, houseflies can bring in diseases like dysentery, cholera, and typhoid.

These can cause fever, headaches, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and lethargy.

Dust and spider mites


Dust mites feed off the dead skin cells in your home's dust.

Their poop can cause an allergic reaction and respiratory problems. Experts recommend pulling up carpet or freezing bedding to root them out if the mites are causing health issues.


Spider mites, however, are a bigger threat to your houseplants.

They can leave brown or yellow spots on plants indoor and outdoor gardens, and even kill plants if the mite population thrives.


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As they chomp through your wooden furnishings, termites can release mold and mildew spores.

Those are associated with asthma and can lead to symptoms like stuffy nose, wheezing, and itchy eyes and skin.

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Spiders are a force of good in our homes. They not only eat insects, but some species eat other spiders, too.

Some species actually prefer to live indoors, so if you can bear it, experts say it's best to let spiders live.

(Plus, because they're so good at hiding, you're probably living with some spiders right now. Sorry.)

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