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Blood Moon 2022: 8 breathtaking images of May’s total lunar eclipse

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Did you get a good look at the sky this weekend?

In many parts of the world, a total lunar eclipse was visible from the evening of May 15 to the morning of May 16.


The eclipse caused the Full Moon to take on a reddish tint, causing a phenomenon known as a Blood Moon.

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Though the Blood Moon doesn’t have much significance in astronomy, it does make a fascinating — and slightly creepy — spectacle.

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Here are 8 images of the eclipse from around the world:


8. The Moon in totality over Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in the early morning hours of May 16.

7. Clouds covered the vibrant Moon during parts of the eclipse in Rio de Janiero.

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6. A partial eclipse was visible from the German city of Dresden. Here, the Moon lingers behind a church.

5. New York City residents got a stunning view of the eclipse around 12:11 a.m. Eastern on May 16.

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4. The Moon in totality above the One World Trade Center.

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3. Though the Moon took on a spectacular color, it did not appear bigger than normal during totality, as seen in this image taken from Caracas, Venezuela.

2. The Moon’s transformation was captured in this composite taken from Bogotá, Colombia.

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Samantha Cristoforetti/ESA

1. Astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti captured the eclipse hanging over Earth from the International Space Station.

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