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How much do you know about mask-wearing during the Covid-19 pandemic?

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What's the best material for homemade masks?

A. Bandana

B. Tshirt cloth

C. Double Layer Pillowcase

D. Flannel Pajamas


C or D

TIp: hold the mask up to the light — if you can see light through the mask, try adding on another layer of fabric. Read more

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What percent of Americans need to wear masks to keep the Covid-19 reproduction number under 1.0?

A. 50%

B. 20%

C. 100%

D. 35%

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A. 50 percent.

If at least half the population were to consistently wear masks, we could slow the virus’s spread. Read more.


What is the correct way to wear a mask?

A. Mouth and chin fully covered.

B. Nose and mouth fully covered.

C. Nose, mouth, and chin fully covered.

D. At least tip of nose and mouth fully covered.


C. Your mouth, chin, and nose up to the bridge should be fully covered by your mask. Read more.


True or False: Coronavirus can be carried on aerosols (droplets smaller than 5 microns) when an infected person speaks, coughs, or sneezes.



The virus can survive on aerosols, but scientists say that the number of viruses on each aerosol may not be enough to cause a severe infection. Regardless, wearing a mask greatly reduces the likelihood of spreading droplets or aerosols.

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True or false: The United States has always been in favor of mask-wearing for virus control.

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It wasn't until early April that the CDC officially recommended wearing masks to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. Read More.

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