This YouTuber's DIY PS5 is impossibly thin

DIY Perks detailed his lengthy journey that ended with a custom PS5 that is a fraction of the size of the original.

DIY Perks / YouTube

Super slim

We’ve all seen the hilarious memes about the PS5 being an absolute unit. But we still haven’t gotten a slim version of the chonky console quite yet — at least not officially. Instead, YouTuber DIY Perks took matters into his own hands with a custom-built PS5 that’s less than two centimeters thick.

DIY Perks / YouTube

The fact that Playstation hasn’t released a slim version of the PS5 like it did with its previous consoles is part of what prompted DIY Perks to do it himself.

Thus began a long arduous journey of sawing, soldering, and basically designing a PS5 chassis from scratch.

DIY Perks / YouTube

DIY Perks’ build features a custom-designed copper chassis that houses the original PS5 motherboard, albeit with some adjustments, so everything fits.

DIY Perks / YouTube

Cutting out the bulk

A lot of the bulk from the original PS5 comes from its massive heat sink, its chunky fan, and its large power supply unit. For DIY Perks, the solution was to make a concealable external power brick that would both power and cool the slim PS5.

DIY Perks / YouTube
The moment of truth.DIY Perks / YouTube

Surprisingly, DIY Perks’ slim PS5 actually ran cooler than the actual PS5 with temps hovering around 44 to 52 degrees Celsius, compared to the 71 to 94 degrees Celsius range of the original, when running Horizon Forbidden West.

DIY Perks / YouTube

Official PS5 Slim? When?

DIY Perks’ end result looks like a very refined custom PS5 that I would pay good money for. If (or when) Sony decides to make a PS5 Slim, it’ll probably be much closer in look to the original tower of a console, but hopefully they can draw some inspiration from DIY Perks’ incredible efforts.

DIY Perks / Twitter

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