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Thoughtful gifts for your friend who's always in pain

According to an expert β€” a person who is always in pain.

Set of rubber hot water bottles in knitted covers

Being in pain all the time sucks, there's just no getting around that fact. But even the smallest thoughtful tweaks to a person's daily routine can make a world of difference.

While there's no "one size fits all" solution for pain, I've been fine-tuning my comfort regime over years of trial-and-error and like to think I've now got it (pretty much) on lock.

The key? Aim for maximum chill.


Weighted blankets have earned cult-like reverence in the last few years. That's because warmth and a bit of gentle compression make for a tension-easing match made in heaven. The even distribution of that weight makes these blankets comforting like nothing else.

Get the Gravity Blanket here for $142.


Sticking with that magical combination of warmth and compression, consider a heatable pillow or hot water bottle for the neck and shoulders.

Like this one, for $18.


And, of course, we can't forget the classic hot water bottle. The design has stuck around for ages and there's a reason: it works. Make it feel less clinical by opting for one that comes with a cute cover.

Segorts Hot Water Bottle, $13

Segorts via Amazon

Or, go with something huggable like this weighted stuffed animal.

(Which I would *cough cough* love to receive).

Moon Pals, $95

Moon Pals

Compression is a wonderful thing. If I could, I would envelop my entire aching body in a pulsating compression suit. As I've griped on this website before, though, such a system is far too expensive for most of us.

A patchwork approach consisting of copper compression garments makes for a decent alternative (and great stocking-stuffers). Like so:

🧀Extra-long gloves: $28 on Amazon

πŸ’ͺ Shoulder ($28) + 🦡 hip ($23) sleeves

🧦 Knee-socks: $16

🦢Toes: $14

πŸ‘–Leggings: $99



CBD's boom in popularity over the last few years has inadvertently caused a lot of consumers to write it off as snake oil. But it's not; the cannabis-derived compound, cannabidiol, works wonders for some people when it comes to pain and emotional relief, myself included.

You just have to wade through the BS a bit to find the gems.


Edibles are among the most common ways to enjoy CBD. CBD gummies from RE-LAX are a personal favorite, being pretty potent without much of an aftertaste. The site runs good deals and ships the products out quickly.

RE-LAX CBD Gummies: $34.99

Topicals are great too (creams, oils, balms).

CBD bath bombs/salts

Epsom salt baths are a common, doctor-backed way to soothe body pain. Adding CBD to the mix takes that relief up another notch β€” even better if it also contains arnica.

Lord Jones, High CBD Formula Bath Salts: $65

While CBD doesn't get you high, the experience of suddenly feeling less miserable is, in itself, elevating.

Just be sure to double-check your state's laws around these products.


Now, imagine waking up in the morning, strapping 50 lb weights to each of your limbs, working the longest day you've ever endured, and then having to clean when you get home. Sounds terrible, right? Welcome to chronic pain and fatigue.

Robo-vacs offer a genuine technological solution here: checking a box on what can be a very daunting To-Do list. As such, they make for great gifts. Anker's eufy works really well and is among the more affordable robotic vacuums. It's also slim enough to clean under a ferret cage, which I'm sure you were wondering about.

eufy BoostIQ RoboVac, $149

Finally, something that says "I see you."

A friend once gifted me this book out of the blue and the gesture brought me to tears. Although it's a children's book, it has a message anyone can learn from. Just make sure you read it before giving it away.

How Do You Care for a Very Sick Bear? - $15 at ThriftBooks

If nothing else, consider giving the best gift of all β€” never again asking your chronically ill friend if they’ve "tried yoga."


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