The best vapes, CBD gummies, and weed gadgets according to Twitter

We asked and you answered: Here’s everything you need for a ripping 4/20.

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Well well well, if it isn’t 4/20 after one of the most stressful years on record. I’m sure everyone decreased their pot usage during the pandemic.

Right. Definitely. Anyway, we put out a call on Twitter asking for your favorite gear and accessories to toke up with and, well, you guys delivered.

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That said, we’re talking about potent psychoactive chemicals here, so be sure to enjoy your recreational weed responsibly, and have a chat with your doctor so they know what’s up.


Trippy Happy Face ash tray

This resin ashtray is made with real pressed flowers.

$22.22 at Etsy

New Weed T-Shirt

Jane Parade has some of the finest weed and weed-adjacent apparel you can find on the net.

$35 at Jane Parade

Not Pot CBD Gummies

CBD is great for a lot of reasons, but what if your high-quality CBD vendor really understood ’90s anime vibes?

$30 at Not Pot

Dr. Dabber Switch

Are you ready to graduate to a high-end vaping device? The Dr. Dabber gives you precision control of your concentrates and flower.

$319.95 at Dr. Dabber

Randy’s Black Label cleaner

Few people talk about all the cleaning needed to keep your equipment in good working order, but Randy’s Black Label cleaner gets the job done fast.

$21.98 at Randy’s

Dynavap “M” edition

Multiple people reached out on Twitter to recommend the Dynavap, which is a loose flower vaporizer that doesn’t have any electronics. Try watching some videos; this thing is nuts.

$75.00 at Dynavap

RAW Cones

Are you in your 30s and just getting tired of rolling? Oh, that’s just me projecting? Anyway, RAW cones are the fastest way to roll up before your “daily walk.”

$22.99 at Amazon

Yocan FLAME Nectar Collector Vaporizer

This was another recommendation from Twitter: The Yocan Flame is a multi-functional device that you can use to vape electronically or do things the old-fashioned way with the Nectar Collector.

$79.99 at Yocan

Chill Stone

Passing a joint around but aren’t quite ready to share saliva? The Chill Stone from Just the Tip is a perfect way to smoke communally, but not that communally.

$35 at Just the Tip

Micro E-Nail Quartz Ebanger Kit

Do you prefer to dab with science equipment? You’re in luck: The Micro E-Nail is a bench-top vape with perfect temperature control.

$159.99 at High Five Vapes

Crackling Lava Bong

The stoneware at High Art Headshop really lives up to the name. The company has these adorable little bongs shown below, but also pocket pipes and other great stuff.

$95.00 at High Art

RAW Rolling Tips

Do you love joints but hate tearing up your junk mail to make tips? Just buy them ready-made!

$10.99 at Amazon

Werther’s Originals

Someone on Twitter reached out to argue that Werther’s Originals are the best candy for stoners, and while there’s no accounting for everyone’s taste, we here at Input tend to agree. Bravo, Twitter stoner.

$4.99 at Target

Pleasure Point bong

Some people take their interior decorating really seriously, and those people should check out the ceramic bongs over at Summerland. These little buddies will look right at home in the background of your Zoom call. We won’t tell.

$225.00 at Summerland


If you have roomates, partners, or even pets, it’s hard to keep all those clouds to yourself, you know? Why not get an air filter just to be courteous?

$54.99 at Ikea


Looking for a cute little joint-rolling kit for your bag? Cannakits makes just that with a ton of fun designs.

$24.99 at Etsy

Smoked Glass Steamroller

Marley Natural’s pieces were recommended by a member of the Input staff. Truly they do look high-end, but are perhaps a little fragile.

$40.00 at Marley Natural

Dad Grass x Free & Easy ‘Don’t Trip’ Corduroy Hat

Dad Grass has an incredible name and an incredible lineup of CBD products. It also has fantastic merch.

$40.00 at Dad Grass

Tsubota Pearl lighters

As far as I can tell, there’s no way for someone in the U.S. to buy a Tsubota Pearl lighter, but if you can find a way, these suckers are adorable. I simply must have one.

Learn more at Tsubota Pearl

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