The FunKey S is a Game Boy Advance that fits on a keychain

This emulator is small but mighty, and you can even play original PlayStation games.

The Funkey S claims to be the “world’s smallest foldable handheld console,” and, despite the eyebrow-raising number of qualifiers in that claim, it actually lives up to its very small reputation.

Sometimes handheld consoles just aren’t handheld enough. Or at least that’s the idea behind the FunKey S, a Kickstarted retro game emulator small enough to comfortably take up residence next to your car keys.

Here’s the Funkey S next to some keys.

2.7 "

The FunKey S is just under three inches tall when fully extended.

Despite its portability, however, the handheld is capable of emulating a pretty impressive array of consoles, including...



Game Boy

Game Boy Color

Game Boy Advance

Sega Master System

Sega Genesis (Mega Drive)

Sega Game Gear

Playstation 1

Atary Lynx


Neo Geo Pocket


It also comes in three Game Boy-esque colors including “Retrogaming Gray,” purple, and, and a nostalgic Atomic Purple that mimics one of Game Boy Colors’ iconic translucent shells.

The FunKey S in Atomic Purple.

Design wise, the Funkey S is built to mirror the Game Boy Advance SP, a clam shell style Game Boy released by Nintendo in 2003. The Funkey’s design also has advantages outside of SP nostalgia, namely the fact that it provides protection for the FunKey’s screen and also optimizes screen size.

Speaking of the screen...

1.54 "

The FunKey S has a 1.54” LCD color screen.

In addition to a directional pad and A/B/X/Y buttons, the FunKey S also has L and R shoulder buttons and a Micro USB connection for charging and transferring games.

128 GB

The FunKey S takes micro SD storage up to 128 GB.


If open source is your thing, the FunKey S has you covered there too. The console’s software is available in its entirety online which means that developers are able to mod FunKey’s OS for further functionality down the road (FunKey mp3 player anyone?).

Demand for the FunKey S has apparently exceeded expectations, so the console is currently out of stock until the next production batch which is estimated to ship in May.



The FunKey is currently available for nearly $80.



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