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This modder built a fully custom liquid-cooled PS5

A Vietnamese modder customized his PlayStation 5 into a sculptural masterpiece.

A fully custom PS5 with a liquid cooling system.

Buying a PlayStation 5 has phenomenally sucked. Thanks to sky-high demand and scalpers’ greed, getting one of these feels impossible. But what if you got the console and decided to custom build a custom liquid cooling system for it? What might that look like?

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A Vietnamese modder by the name of Nhenhophach took two months to do just that, and the result is phenomenal.

Nhenhophach / YouTube

Air cooling is the more conventional method of cooling a console. Liquid cooling, meanwhile, uses moving water to remove heat, and Nhenhophach says that "this is just the very first version of water-cooled PS5, there will be so many more versions."

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Build a custom liquid cooling system that’s reliable and won’t ruin your console isn’t an easy DIY task, but the modder did it, explaining in his YouTube video that he is "continuing preparations for the commercial version," so you might even be able to buy one eventually.

Nhenhophach / YouTube
The rather exquisite interior parts of Nhenhophach’s liquid-cooled PlayStation 5.Nhenhophach / YouTube

What’s cooler than cool?

In 2020, according to 4Gamer, Nhenhophach said that PS5's size could have been smaller had used two small fans for cooling the system instead of one big one.

Nhenhophach / YouTube
The original PlayStation 5 has a 120mm cooling fan, which is one of the reasons it’s so big.Nhenhophach / YouTube

Not just a pretty faceplate

Nhenhophach is confident about his liquid-cooled PlayStation 5’s gaming abilities.

Nhenhophach / YouTube

“There’s no way to measure precisely the temperature of the APU core of PlayStation 5 and memory chips ... [But] based on water temperature and backplate temperature, we can gauge the performance of this system in some way.”

Nhenhophach, Video Games Chronicle

Nhenhophach / YouTube


If you’re itching to buy one of these, Nhenhophach says you should contact him directly at his email address, which he shares in his YouTube video.

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