The Eve 6 guy ranks his very best tweets

Nineties musician Max Collins is renowned for his provocative Twitter posts. He tells Input the stories behind 7 classics.

The rock band Eve 6
Asal Shahindoust

Max Collins, frontman for the ’90s alt-rock trio Eve 6, has had a personal Twitter account since 2009. But it wasn’t until late 2020, when he started tweeting via the band’s official account, that he emerged as a shitposter par excellence.

📷: Asal Shahindoust

The Eve 6 account first went viral in December, after Collins, now 42, tweeted, “i was literally a virgin when i wrote the heart in a blender song” — a jokey reference to the band’s 1998 hit “Inside Out.”

Since then, the L.A.-based Collins has tweeted nonstop, consistently making light of himself and other musicians. “It’s sort of a form of performance art,” he says. “But it’s also this exercise in rigorous honesty. I think that’s what makes it entertaining.”

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On the occasion of Eve 6’s first new release in nearly a decade, the grim value EP, Input asked Collins to rank his top tweets, from great to greatest-ever. He happily obliged...

🧷 No. 7

“The Dead Kennedys — who are now sans [singer] Jello [Biafra], who would never have allowed this — were my introduction to punk rock. Them extolling the virtues of Mitt Romney was just so insane, so dissonant, so upside-down. My first thought was, ‘This is so sad. I’m literally more punk than the Dead Kennedys.’”

🤪 No. 6

“Definitely got a lot of people angry with that one. What I hope mitigates any sort of hurt feelings is that this is coming from the ‘heart in a blender’ guy. All of the people that I’ve gone after have been artists that are considerably more successful and, most people would say, objectively better than my band.”

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💰 No. 5

“My dad was an advertising guy. I would say I had a middle-class upbringing. But my parents bought me my first bass guitar, they paid for lessons. With my parents, [Eve 6 guitarist] Jon’s parents, it wasn’t like a Taylor Swift’s dad type of thing. Or I heard St. Vincent has a Wall Street dad. But we were still able to be in a band and had advantages because we had money.”

Zackery Michael

💦 No. 4

“Yeah, it’s true. [Stephan Jenkins] did have sex with my [then] girlfriend — before she was my girlfriend. Even at the time he told me, it was funny to me. I can’t conceive of saying that to anyone. Ultimately, there was something kind of impressive about his lack of respect for propriety.”

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🔮 No. 3

“The bit was @’ing a well-known cultural or political figure and asking them if they liked ‘the heart in a blender song.’ That’s what my mom always called the song, which I thought was cute. Marianne Williamson was fun for me because I got a response and because she’s been a presence in my life for years.”

Marianne Williamson

🤬 No. 2

“I feel like the only way that F-bombs should be dropped in song is if they’re kind of tossed off — or if they’re screamed. But the way he did it was somewhere in the middle. He was just a little bit too proud about it or thought that it was more dangerous than it was. Did I ever hear from Mumford & Sons? No, they’re up above it. Good for them.”

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And Max Collins’ best-ever tweet, according to Max Collins himself, is...

👼 No. 1

“This was the post that made Eve 6’s psychedelic online renaissance possible. I wrote the original version of the song in my junior year of high school. I’m pretty sure I’m one of a select few who’s ever written a No. 1 song while still a virgin. My virginity may’ve since been taken, but they can never take that [accomplishment] away from me.”

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