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You have to see the Rocket League version of Ford’s F-150 pickup truck...

and we don’t mean just in the game. Ford made one in real life, too.

Earlier this year, Ford partnered with Rocket League to put the company’s iconic F-150 pickup truck into the video game. It received some upgrades, of course...

...including an enormous engine in the bed and custom styling reminiscent of the new F-150 Lightning electric truck.

But Ford wasn’t content with just making a virtual Rocket League version of its best-selling truck.

So it worked with Cinema Vehicles, a custom car shop that specializes in one-of-a-kind cars for movies and corporate clients, to build it for real.

The result is a real-life truck based on a video game truck... based on a real-life truck.

The real one can’t fly like the Rocket League version can, but it faithfully recreates its in-game counterpart’s aesthetics. Though Ford’s legal team had to be a total buzzkill...

“The driving in this video game reflects fantasy, may not be realistic and is potentially dangerous in real life. Do not attempt these maneuvers while driving.”

Ford Advertising Disclaimer
Why can’t we do this in real life, Ford?

So no rocket boosts, but at least it looks good up close.


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