Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro — in pictures

Samsung's new smartwatches could be the best smartwatches to get... if you're on Android.

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The Galaxy Watch 5 comes in two sizes: 40mm and 44mm.

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The design of the Galaxy Watch 5 is pretty familiar. It has the same two side buttons as on the Watch 4.

Better sensors

The sensors are better at sleep and health tracking. But the skin temperature sensor is new.

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Raymond Wong / Input

It looks pretty sleek on the wrist.

The whole family

40mm Watch 5 (left), 44mm Watch 5 (middle two), and 45mm Watch 5 Pro Golf Edition (right).

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Raymond Wong / Input

There’s also a larger 45mm Galaxy Watch 5 Pro that’s more rugged.

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It’s definitely bulkier on the wrist.

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Prices for the Galaxy Watch 5 / 5 Pro:

Galaxy Watch 5

• 40mm: $279.99 (Bluetooth) and $329.99 (LTE)

• 44mm: $359.99 (Bluetooth) and $409.99 (LTE)

Galaxy Watch 5 Pro:

• 45mm: $449.99 (Bluetooth) and $499.99 (LTE)


Galaxy Watch 5 / 5 Pro release date.

Raymond Wong / Input

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