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10 more new games coming to Xbox Game Pass in November 2021

November has an excellent lineup of new titles.

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10. Dead Space

(November 16, Cloud)

EA’s sci-fi survival horror classic Dead Space was already on Game Pass, but now it’s available on the cloud, giving you more control over how you play.

9. Dragon Age: Origins

(November 16, Cloud)

Like Dead Space, the excellent first game in the Dragon Age series adds cloud capability to its existing console and PC options this month.

8. Next Space Rebels

(November 17, Cloud/Console/PC)

Like an even more chaotic Kerbal Space Program, Next Space Rebels challenges you to build and launch rockets. Only this time you’re doing it with spare parts to chase social media fame.

7. Exo One

(November 18, Cloud/Console/PC)

Exo One has been in development — and looking incredibly interesting — for five years. This unique exploration game hits Game Pass on release day.

6. Fae Tactics

(November 18, Cloud/Console/PC)

Fae Tactics may help fill the Final Fantasy Tactics-shaped hole in your heart. This clever strategy RPG gives you a party full of unique characters and summonable monsters to fight at your side.

5. My Friend Pedro

(November 18, Cloud/Console/PC)

With liberal use of slow-motion and pistols akimbo, My Friend Pedro feels like playing a series of action set pieces inspired by The Matrix and John Woo.

4. Undungeon

(November 18, Cloud/Console/PC)

Hitting Game Pass on release day, Undungeon is an action RPG with gorgeous pixel art, deliberate combat, and a branching storyline based on your decisions.

3. Deeeer Simulator

(November 23, Cloud/Console/PC)

Remember Goat Simulator? Well, Deeeer Simulator takes the concept of being a four-legged agent of chaos much further with antler guns, mechs, and probably even stranger things we haven’t seen yet.

2. Mortal Shell

(November 23, Cloud/Console/PC)

If, like me, you’re still upset about not making it into the Elden Ring network test, Mortal Shell should scratch your Soulsborne itch with its challenging, unique combat.

1. Evil Genius 2

(November 30, Cloud/Console/PC)

Dungeon builder Evil Genius 2 lets you play the villain and design your very own secret lair full of traps to ward off pesky James Bond types seeking to thwart your plans for world domination.

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