Last of Us and 7 more upcoming game adaptations in TV and film

From Super Mario to The Last of Us and far beyond.

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There’s no shortage of upcoming video game movie and TV show adaptations, but which ones are the most intriguing?


These are the 8 most intriguing upcoming movies and TV shows adapted from video games.


8. Twisted Metal TV series

The upcoming Twisted Metal Peacock TV series is an action comedy show loosely based on the vehicular combat game. It recently wrapped filming but doesn’t have a release window yet.


7. Days Gone movie

Although a video game sequel was not greenlit, a movie based on Days Gone is reportedly in the works, with Oscar-nominated screenwriter Sheldon Turner in charge of adapting the story.


6. Horizon Zero Dawn TV series

A Horizon Zero Dawn series is in development and will come to Netflix at an unknown date. It’s unclear if it will follow the events of the first game or tell a new story entirely.


5. BioShock movie

Hailing from The Hunger Games director Francis Lawrence, the BioShock film will come to Netflix ... eventually.


4. God of War TV series

Given the newest game’s success, it’s fitting that a God of War TV series is coming. The show will air on Amazon Prime, though it’s unclear when it will debut.


3. Super Mario movie

The untitled Super Mario film has an absurd cast, including Chris Pratt as Mario himself. The movie hits theaters on April 7, 2023.


2. Ghost of Tsushima movie

Comprised of a completely Japanese cast, the upcoming Ghost of Tsushima movie features Chad Stahelski as director, best known for the John Wick series.

1. The Last of Us TV series

Starring Pedro Pascal as Joel and Bella Ramsey as Ellie, The Last of Us TV series will come to HBO in early 2023.

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