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4 photos prove Super Nintendo World is cooler than Galaxy's Edge

Mushroom Kingdom brought to life.

Universal Studios Japan will cut the ribbon on Super Nintendo World on February 4, 2021, it announced Monday.

The $578 million Osaka theme park's summer 2020 grand opening was delayed due to the pandemic. Now, the doors to Bowser's Castle will finally open.

Here are 4 Super Nintendo World attractions that Universal teased

No Nintendo-themed amusement park would be complete without a Mario Kart ride. But this isn't your average rollercoaster.

Universal Studios Japan

Mario Kart: Koopa's Challenge will be an augmented reality experience. So while the karts are on rails, park-goers will be able to aim turtle shells and toss banana peels in AR.

Will you walk away with a trophy or will a Blue Shell stop you in your tracks?

The flagship Mario Kart ride is housed inside of a life-sized replica of Bowser's Castle.

Universal Studios Japan

Yoshi's Adventure will set attendees off on a quest to find hidden eggs on the back of Mario's dinosaur buddy.

Universal Studios Japan

For roughly $30, attendees can buy a "Power-Up Band" to track their "score" as they explore all of the "dynamic activities throughout the land," Universal stated in a press release.

Power-Band customers will gain exclusive access to a "dramatic boss battle with Bowser Jr." once they've collected enough points.

Super Nintendo World will open its doors on February 4.
Universal Studios Japan

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