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Four iconic Sims 4 recipes to try in real life

Some are better than others.

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What do Silly Gummy Bear Pancakes taste like, exactly? More importantly, how would you even make them?

Taylor O’Halloran, founder of the Sims guides website Ultimate Sims Guides, teamed with recipe developer Kelly Haggans to compile iconic recipes from the Sims series into a cookbook. The Unofficial Sims Cookbook includes over 85 recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, sides, dessert, and even mixed drinks.

Here are just a few recipes that you can expect to see (and a few we tested)!

1. Silly Gummy Bear Pancakes

Silly Gummy Bear Pancakes are a recipe from the Sims 4. You can only cook them in a Playful mood, and they make you even more Playful when you eat them. Careful, though. The Playful mood can apparently escalate into “Hysterics” and destroy your character with laughter.

You can download the Silly Gummy Bear Pancakes recipe for free from the Sims cookbook sample.


Tip: Don’t bother putting the gummy bears in the batter unless they’re tiny. They melt and get gross. Try topping the pancakes with them instead.

2. Baked Alaska

Baked Alaska might look like a fine dining dessert, but it’s actually just a fancy ice cream cake. It gets that toasty marshmallow look from torching meringue (whipped egg whites) after spreading them on top of the cake.


The Sims cookbook offers the “easy version” of an otherwise complicated dessert. Excellent choice to impress your friends, so long as you can keep it fresh before serving.

3. Goopy Carbonara

Goopy Carbonara is apparently named after Goopy GilsCarbo, a townie from Sims 2 and Sims 3. Not to be confused with goopy the adjective, which means “sticky” or “viscous.”



It’s actually a lot like regular carbonara, only named after a Sims character. The recipe puts some thought into it, though, suggesting white wine and other ingredients without skimping on flavor.

4. Monte Cristo

I’ve only tried a few Sims recipes, but the Monte Cristo is my favorite so far. Imagine a french toast grilled cheese.


The cookbook warns you not to stuff the sandwich too full of items or it won’t heat properly on the pan. A few extra slices of meat and/or cheese don’t hurt, though, especially if the slices are thin.

Look at that handsome sandwich.

Conclusion: Meh

The Unofficial Sims Cookbook includes a variety of appealing foods, even if some of the more unique recipes (cough, Silly Gummy Bear Pancake, cough) fall short of expectations.



Real-life recipes like French Toast, Monte Cristo, and Mac n’ Cheese are great but also aren’t terribly unique. You can probably find those online for free.


It’s a thoughtful enough cookbook that I trust the simpler recipes. It tells you to drain the apples before putting them in the apple pie and how to keep things warm in the oven while cooking a platter.


It also has a few ethnic recipes like Butter Chicken, Samosas, and Ensaymadas. I don't really trust them, but hey, they made an effort to cater to a wider crowd.

The Unofficial Sims Cookbook is currently available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Simon & Schuster.

The hardcover retails at around $21 and the Kindle version is $10. Maybe try one of the free recipes before going all in.

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