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How the PS5's 10 million in sales compares to other consoles

How does it stack up against the other fast-selling consoles?

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The PS5 has become the fastest-selling Sony console in history, reaching 10 million units sold in seven months.


How does this stack up against other popular consoles like the PS4, Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch, and more?

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Here’s how the PS5 stacks up against other consoles that reached 10 million units sold

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PlayStation 3

13 months

Following the launch of the PS3 in Japan in November 2006, it took the system 13 months to reach 10 million units sold. It settled at 87 million units sold.

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Xbox 360

13 months

The Xbox 360 launched in November 2005. By December 2006, the system reached 10 million units sold. It has since sold a total of 84 million units.

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PlayStation 2

12 months

The PS2 debuted in Japan on March 31, 2000 and sold 10 million units by March 31, 2001. It later went on to become the bestselling console of all time, settling at around 155 million units sold.


Nintendo DS

11 months

The Nintendo DS family of systems debuted in November 2004 and by October 2005, it had surpassed 10 million units sold. It now sits at 154 million units sold worldwide.


Xbox Series X


Xbox Series X sales are unclear, but it’s Microsoft’s fastest-selling console to date, reaching about 6.5 million units as of June 2021. Will it hit 10 million any time soon?

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PlayStation 4

9 months

The PS4 was released in November 2013 and reached 10 million units sold by August of 2014. It went on to sell 116 million units worldwide — and counting.

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Nintendo Switch

9 months

After a March 2017 launch, the Switch reached 10 million units by November. It currently sits at 85 million units sold and counting.

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Nintendo Wii

8 months

After a November 2006 launch, the Wii sold 10 million units by July 2007 and would go on to surpass 101 million units sold.

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PlayStation 5

8 months

Since its debut in November 2020, the PS5 has reached 10 million units sold in only eight months, which is more or less tied with the Nintendo Wii.

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