12 best-selling PlayStation exclusives of the past decade

Which games come out on top?

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Some of the best video games of all time are exclusive to PlayStation consoles, and the sales numbers reflect that.

Ghost of Tsushima developer Sucker Punch Productions announced on January 4, 2022 that the game had sold more than 8 million copies.


How does that compare to other major Sony exclusives on the PS4 and PS5 over the past 10 years?


These are the top 12 best-selling PlayStation exclusives of the past decade.

Square Enix

12. Final Fantasy VII Remake — 5 million

The critically acclaimed remake of the 1997 RPG has also been a commercial success, surpassing 5 million copies sold as of August 2020.


11. inFAMOUS Second Son — 6 million

One of the first PS4 exclusives reached 6 million copies sold as of 2019.

Sony, Quantic Dream

10. Detroit: Become Human — 6 million

PS4 and PC versions combined have amassed over 6 million units sold as of July 2021.


9. Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales — 6.5 million

The PS5 launch game sits at a cool 6.5 million copies sold as of July 2021.


8. Ghost of Tsushima — 8 million

The figure Sucker Punch revealed in January 2021 will only go up from here.


7. Gran Turismo Sport — 8 million

Technically, Gran Turismo Sport has reached over 9.5 million players, but its last sales estimate places it around 8 million copies as of 2019. Either way, it’s a success.


6. Days Gone — 8 million

The Bend Studio open-world game that’s developed an impassioned fan following has, according to its game director, sold more than 8 million copies across PS4 and Steam. But that may not be accurate.


5. Horizon Zero Dawn — 10 million

Aloy’s debut reached 10 million copies sold by February 2019, and that number’s likely far higher today.


4. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End — 16 million

In October 2019, Analyst Daniel Ahmad revealed Uncharted 4 surpassed 16 million copies sold.


3. God of War (2018) — 19.5 million

As part of Sony’s 2021 announcement of the God of War PC port , the company revealed the series reboot had sold 19.5 million copies.


2. Marvel’s Spider-Man — 20 million

In 2020, a PlayStation employee indirectly confirmed on social media that Insomniac’s swinging superhero adventure had sold over 20 million copies.


1. The Last of Us + Remastered — 20 million

Combining the PS3 version and PS4 remaster, sales cruised past 20 million as of 2019. It’s safe to say that number is higher in 2022.

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