Pax East 2022

Six of the best nap spots at PAX East 2022, ranked

Nighty-night, don’t let the gamers bite.

Cons are exhausting, and PAX East is no different. It’s tempting to take a power nap somewhere safe, somewhere discreet.

Thankfully, we scouted some possible sleeping spots for a tired gamer at this year’s PAX East.

Note: It’s best to avoid being seen when sleeping, or at least sleep in the presence of friends.

With that in mind, here’s the six best places to sleep in PAX East (not endorsed by the convention, mind you).

6. On a bench

Lay your back down (or your side) on one of these bad boys. Typically can be found on the upper floors. Warning: Will likely be full of butts on Saturday.

Comfort level: 4/5

5. In an upholstered chair

An upholstered chair is like an airplane seat, but with a wider cushion and comfier padding. Note that the way you’re facing will affect your comfort level and exposure.

If you’re facing the window, it’s less obvious that you’re sleeping. Not that it matters if you don’t care.

You still need to sit up to sleep in an upholstered chair. However, there’s some room for reclining if you’re small. If you’re small enough, you can even curl into a ball.

Comfort level: 4/5 for smols, 3/5 for tols.

4. Outside on the lawn

Sleeping outside is mostly an option for when it’s warm out. A relatively nice sunbathing spot with food trucks abound.

Also, you should probably ask some friends to make sure you aren’t attacked by a seagull.

Comfort level: 3/5

3. Against a pillar

Leaning against a pillar provides support for your back, much like a chair would. However, there’s not really a need to use a pillar if there’s a chair available.

It’s a solid, uneven surface and you have to lean upright.

Comfort level: 2/5

2. On top of a trash can

Sleeping on top of a trash can is both uncomfortable and conspicuous. It’s not actually that bad because the trash can is slightly taller than the recycling, which keeps the head elevated.

It’s less comfortable for anyone larger than a child (a.k.a. larger than me).

Comfort level: 1/5

1. Underneath a table in a conference room

The Media Room (for journalists and content creators only) and similar second-floor conference rooms have “curtains” attached to the tables.

Theoretically, that means people can sleep underneath the table without being seen and without light disturbing their sleep. It’s also on a carpeted floor.

Comfort level: 5/5

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